Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Be the Judge

It has been a little difficult getting into the holiday spirit this year. Once you have lost a loved one, holidays are no longer the same. We can be thankful that we were able to create some holiday memories with Allie, but they are still memories, which means she is no longer here to create new ones. Well, we have a few traditions that we try to do every year around this time, and even though it was a little tough we still wanted to participate in a few of the activities for Mason. This past weekend we went to the Pumpkin Patch, which was emotional at times but well worth it in the end. Mason had a great time riding toy tractors, walking through the corn maze, picking cotton, riding on the hay ride, petting the farm animals, looking at crafts, eating "cotton corn" (cotton candy- he combined cotton candy and candy corn I guess), picking out the perfect pumpkin, and who knew you could have so much fun with bails of hay! It was a terrific experience for him and we enjoyed it as well. We ended the night with a wonderful Halloween party where they went on a "haunted hay ride" through the forest. Well, I didn't realize that the hayride was going to be a haunted hayride with people dressed up in costumes jumping out with chain saws and leaf blowers (lol). I was really worried about Mason, but if you ask him what his favorite part of the party was he will say,"I liked the hay ride when the munsters jumped out." Michael and I also have another tradition that we have done since we have been married, and that is we like to have a pumpkin carving contest. It is just between the two of us and it is all in good fun, so we decided to do it again this year. Mason does his part by helping us clean the inside and picking out the designs, and he enjoys getting to paint his pumpkins :) So this year I thought I would let you be the judge. Can you figure out who did which design? Thanks


Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Walk to Remember

RMC Bereavement Services host a memorial each year to honor the special lives of our babies. It is titled "A Walk to Remember" and they provide the families with a lovely meal, and then everyone walks around Oxford Lake to remember their loved ones. We were also able to order T-shirts with their names. This was my first one to attend and boy did they brake me in good. They asked me to speak at this event; talk about making your heart stop:) I am not a speaker by any means so those poor people got stuck having listening to me. This really is a great program that they have for grieving families, and we found out that they have other events throughout the year as well. We felt honored to have the chance to share Allie's story, and it was nice getting to talk with some of the other parents. Thank you RMC for taking the time to put this wonderful event together for us in memory of our precious little ones.

Thanks to all for your prayers. Michael received his results from the catscan and they have ruled out Crohn's disease. He still has to go for some further testing to find out what the bad area is in his intestines, but hopefully it will just be something minor that they can remove and take care of the problem. The scan did show that he had pnemonia, so that is probably why he has felt so bad recently (no telling how long he has had that- you know how it is trying to get men to go to the doctor). Thanks again.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prayer Request

Please keep my husband in your thoughts and prayers over the next couple of weeks. Due to some problems, he has to go for some testing. The doctors are suspecting Crohn's disease, and we are thankful at the moment that they are thinking it is something treatable, but non the less we are still worried. Our emotions are still tender with flashbacks of sitting in doctors' offices waiting for results, so we are having a little trouble handling these situations at the moment. We pray that the tests will prove to be something minor, or at least treatable, and that his problems will subside. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support as we take it one test at a time.


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