Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Kickoff!

What better way to kick off summer than having a good ol' marsh mellow roast! It was so nice relaxing by the fire and having fun with friends. As you can see, the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Summertime is here, and I am filled with a mixture of emotions. I am so thrilled to have some time off, but I know with this extra time comes down time to think of and miss my sweet Allie. It is so hard not to think of what my summer would have been like having both of my babies home with me. I just think of all the fun we could have had. She would have been close to a year old and probably pulling up and trying to walk or something. Anyway, I do have several projects that I am wanting to complete to honor My Little Angel like: her butterfly garden, shadow boxes, her blanket, her scrapbook, hanging more pictures, etc.... Of course, I will be doing many activities with Mason as well, so I am planning on staying busy. I will be blogging soon about a memorial project that I have had in mind on doing for Allie's one year Birthday, and I'm going to need some help from all of you. So I will keep you posted, and I hope all of you have a Fabulous Summer!

The twins are doing well. Their names are now Catty and Chompers ~She rightfully earned the name :). Mason thinks that it is hilarious. We are still in the process of getting our dog to love our new kittens. Not having much luck with that, so if any of you have suggestions we are all ears :) Thanks.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Say hello to the twins!

A true cat nap.

Well, as you can tell I love animals and I cannot resist giving them a home. I think I have turned Michael into a softy as well :) Mason has barely put them down. He fell in love with them at first sight, and we couldn't say no to all of those adorable little faces. Don't ask me what our facsination with gray animals is. I was hoping our next pet would add some color into our world. These kittens look like minatures of our previous cats Chubbs and Tator, and our dog is gray also. We haven't settled on the names yet. (Waiting to get to know their personality a little better). Of course, Mason has put his two cents in. When first asked what he wanted to name his cat he said, "I'm going to name it Pet." Wow, very imaginative! Then my mom told him that it was a girl cat so it needed a girl's name. He stepped it up a little this time and said, Catty. Watch out, genious here :) He later stated that he would name the other one Petty. We may keep Catty and just spell it as Caddie instead, but I'm not sure what we can do with Petty. I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

9 months

My Little Allie would have been nine months old today. I cannot help but to think of all the things she would have been doing if she had been healthy. What fun it would have been to chase after another little one that was crawling everywhere. I can imagine Mason's reaction to it all and think of what a great big brother he would have made, because he was so wonderful during her short time with us. My arms ache for her, and just to say that I miss her is not enough to describe the pain I feel. I wonder what she is doing in Heaven? I'm sure that she is laughing and completely happy in every way. Just wanted to send some butterfly kisses up her way and wish her a Happy 9 month Birthday! Thinking of you always sweet baby girl! I love you.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Hmm...What would you call this sport?

This boy has an arm on him!

As most of you know, my son is OBSESSED with sports, and my lovely brother-in-law recently added fuel to this addiction :) He brought him a REAL t-ball bat to play with, and my "Little Man" just thinks he is the stuff now. As soon as we arrive home each day, his feet barely touch the ground before he has his bat and ball in hand. His daddy lets him play under one condition: That he wears a helmet with a face mask in case the ball bounces back. Hence the football helmet :)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating Mother's Day with a Broken Heart

If you were to ask me how I feel today, then I might reply with a simple ;laksdjovijnoajhlkdlkdowieghnosdlkdvoaioiuerwvndkjfhgzlsialdkoig because there are no words to actually describe how I feel. I tried my best to stay focused on other events going on in my life, such as celebrating Michael's birthday this week, but I knew the emotional breakdown was unavoidable. The pain was building, my empty arms were beginning to ache even more than usual, and the lump in my throat was growing. My entire body was engrossed with sharp pains, because I knew that I would be celebrating Mother's Day with a broken heart. It was so difficult celebrating this special day with a small piece missing. The piece that makes me who I am. I feel as though when I cry my whole body weeps. I have thought before about the pain that people must feel on this day when they have lost their mothers, but it has never occured to me the pain of a mother who has lost her child. I am so thankful for my sweet little boy in these moments. He is the light of my life, and his love brightens my sorrow. I know that many prayers for me have entered Heaven today, and I want to thank everyone for being so thoughtful. Thank you again, and I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of the other Mothers celebrating today with a broken heart.


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