Monday, June 29, 2009

Blog Button

Look what my sweet, sweet friend Robin did for me! She created me this beautiful button to add to my blog to let everyone know about Allie's Birthday butterflies. Isn't she just the best! Now others can "grab" the button and add to their blogs for all to see. The wonderful response that we have already received has completely amazed us. We have received such gorgeous butterflies and birthday messages for our precious Allie, and we are so grateful to everyone that has helped with this special birthday memorial. We cannot thank you enough.
For those that do not already know about Allie's Butterfly Kisses, and would like to participate, I have included the instructions below. Our precious baby girl passed away January 14, 2009 due to the chromosomal disorder, Trisomy 18. We were able to share 148 glorious days with her, and we thank God for allowing us enough time to get to know and love her. Our theme with her life was butterflies, so we felt that it was only appropriate to do a butterfly release on what would have been her first birthday. We also decided that we would like to release virtual butterflies on our blog, the day of her birthday, so that butterflies from all over could be released in her honor. All you need to do is send us an image of a butterfly, or an image of a butterfly item, etc... to the following email address: Feel free to send Allie a birthday message as well. If you do not wish to leave a message or your name, we would like to at least know where the butterfly comes from because we are wanting to incorporate the messages and locations with her slide show as well. Thank you all so much for your help with this special Birthday memorial.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Sending Birthday Butterfly Kisses up to Our Little Angel

Happy 10 month Birthday, Allie! Wish you were here to celebrate. Wow, she would have been getting close to a year old by now. Just think of all she might have been doing at this age. My arms would love to be filled with that little cutie patootie again. She was such a joy and blessed our lives to the fullest. It is indescribable to express how much we miss her each and every moment, and I have the battle every morning of getting up and facing another day without her. It is extremely difficult constantly fighting the urge to just want to stare off into space each day (I'm not really sure where, but I guess it just wants to go where my mind is most days). These are the moments I am most thankful for having God in my life because when I tell myself that I cannot walk He is there to carry me. It is only through Him that I am able to conquer these battles.

Some of you may remember a previous post about needing your help with something special that I wanted to do in remembrance of Allie. I thought that it would be appropriate to post about it on her birthday since it is something that I am planning for her one year birthday. Her one year birthday is approaching soon and I have pondered, and thought, and racked my brain for ideas of special things that I can do to honor Allie's one year Birthday. I will be releasing butterflies on her birthday since I was unable to at her funeral, because it was in January. Another idea that I have thought of adding is releasing butterflies on the blog as well. If you have noticed, butterflies happen to be the "IN" thing all of a sudden (Every time I turn around I see butterflies). I was going to take pictures of butterflies, or butterfly objects, etc... and show a slide show of all the butterflies on her Birthday. This is where you guys come into play. I thought it would be neat to let others send pictures of butterflies, things with butterflies, butterfly objects, butterfly images off of the computer, etc... so that butterflies could be released from, not only us, but from all over. If this is something that you would be interested in doing, we would greatly appreciate your help. Just collect your butterfly pictures and email them to me at : Feel free to be creative, and please spread the word to others if you like. If you don't want to leave your name, we understand, but we would love to at least know where they are coming from. Thank you so much for your help with Allie's Birthday Project.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

5 Month Angel Day

Today marks five months since my precious Little Angel spread her wings and entered Heaven. She has now been an angel longer than she was with us here on Earth. Something about that thought disturbs me. I'm hurting and missing her terribly today. My fear, of course, is forgetting the details. All I have left is her memories, and oh how grateful I am that God gave us enough time to create those wonderful memories. I miss snuggling with her at night, I miss rubbing her soft hair against my cheek, I miss seeing her smile, I miss holding her, I miss feeding her in her unique way of eating, I miss seeing the look on her daddy's face when he held her in his arms, I miss seeing her big brother smother her with hugs and kisses, and along with many other things I miss constantly kissing her sweet little head. Having the memories still doesn't take away the pain of missing her, but we are thankful for them because they were all memories that we were never supposed to have. We miss you baby girl, and we are thinking of you today and always. We love you.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

A much needed beach trip

I find nothing more relaxing than a nice beach get-a-way. We had a mother, daughter, son beach trip this past weekend with our friends, and it was absolutely fabulous! We tend to do the usual Gulf Shores trip, like I read on Robin's blog the other day under the "You must be a Southerner" list (Hey, Robin, loved the list by the way!) So, yes, I am a Southerner if you haven't already figured that one out. Anyway, we decided to head to Destin, FL this time and it was beautiful, much different than I remember as a child, but beautiful. I recommend staying at Destin West if you are wanting other things to do besides just the pool and beach. We had two days jammed packed with fun, and the boys had a blast! On the first day we went to the pool, the on site splash park, the beach, out to eat at the Crab Trap, the on site lazy river, and night time crab hunting. So maybe I am contradicting myself when I said that it was relaxing :) You know what I meant. It was lovely getting some extra bonding time with my son, my mother, and my friends. This did get me to thinking about my sweet Allie though and how I would have loved for her to have been with us. I remembered how much she seemed to enjoy the beach last fall, and it would have been so sweet to see her in the pool. I wonder what her reaction would have been to the sand (Mason hated the sand on his first beach trip, but as you can see below he doesn't have a problem with it anymore). I also thought about the special bond between mothers and daughters. It was so nice having the opportunity to take a trip with my mom , which made me think of never getting that opportunity with Allie. Let's face it, when Mason gets older he's not going to say, "Come on Mom let's go to the beach for some bonding time!" :) I guess I can dream. Hope you enjoy the beach shots.


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